(Kids Doing Wonderful Things) 
engages kids in community service activities.  

KDWT encourages kids to work together and implement meaningful hands-on community service projects locally, nationally and globally.  KDWT is affiliated with the national generationOn Kids Care and Service Clubs.  



KDWT operates in Hawaii and New York. Our projects reach kids in other countries.



KDWT was founded by Catherine Mattson in 2013 when she was 8 years old.  She wanted to help out the community but could not find a club that would fit in her busy schedule.   She helped her mom with community projects. Catherine connected with generationOn as a Care Club.  Her first official project was a garage sale with a friend and they raised over $200 to purchase books for kids in need.  Other friends were inspired and joined the KDWT Team. From there,  KDWT became the youth (ages 5 to 18 years) service project for Ohana100.  All volunteers under the age of 18 years become part of KDWT and are recognized for their community service work.  

In August 2016, KDWT was nationally recognized as “Kids Care Club of the Month" by GenerationOn.

 "A Caring Culture of Kindness All Year Round!  

Community Service Projects

KDWT Ambassadors plan and participate in "Acts of Kindness" addressing various community issues.  Community projects engage kids to serve the community all year round.

1.  ANIMAL WELFARE:  Support the local animal shelters.  

2.  COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT:    Participate in community festival/events- Set up a booth, promote the importance of serving our community and encourage to volunteer.

3.  ENVIRONMENT  (GO! GREEN):   Help the environment by learning to be eco-friendly, to REUSE, REDUCE AND RECYCLE all year round. 

4.  LITERACY (GO! READ):  Share the joy of reading with children, distribute new books and/or collect gently used books. They help with ALOHA BOOKS and WNY GO!READ projects and Literacy Fairs.

5.  MILITARY AND VETERANS:   Honor veterans and active duty military for their service and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Also provide support to military families.

6.  HOMELESSNESS, HUNGER & POVERTY:   Reach out and connect with children who are displaced, homeless, in foster care system and/or individuals that require basic necessities.

7.  SENIOR CITIZENS:   Connect, share time and celebrate holidays with seniors citizens.

8.  PEACE & KINDNESS:   Display acts of kindness, by helping others and learning from one another and learning about the communities we live in.

9.  HEALTH & WELLNESS: Practicing healthy living by exercising, keeping active and providing support to children's hospital, newborns and to those who are not in good health.


  • Inspire, equip and mobilize youth to take action that changes the world and themselves through service.

  • Develop compassion and social responsibility in the community that they might have a life-long commitment to serve.

  • Educate kids about the issues and provide meaningful hands-on projects for kits to respond to their world.

For more information on how you can get involved contact: emattson@ohana100.org



KDWT will recognize individuals or youth groups that are displaying ACTS OF KINDNESS in our community.   



KDWT offers teens an opportunity to participate in a week long summer service camp- to plan, organize and implement service activities for various programs/schools.   Participants can earn up to 30 service hours. ONLY OFFERED IN HAWAII.