On Wednesday, January 11th, Seven of Ohana100 Ambassadors read and distributed books to over 300 kids in Grades K and 1 at Ewa Elementary School.  It was a great way to kick off the new year.  Students and staff presented each volunteer with a warm aloha and a flower lei.  Thank You Ms. Melody for coordinating this day.  GO! READ Ewa EL

Hawaii's Holiday Giving

During the month of December Ohana100 volunteers spread the joy of giving to over 1,000 children across the Island of Oahu and Maui/Lanai/Molokai.  They read to over 800 students every month since September, sharing special stories and especially during the holidays.  The children of from these programs (HCAP- Head Start, PACT- Early Head Start and Head Start, Diamond Head Keiki Center, Mary Jane House, Pauoa Elementary Kindergarteners, CFS- Oahu and MEO- Early Head Start and Head Start) were able to go home with books for the holidays!  Mele Kalikimaka to all!  GO! READ

A SPECIAL "THANK YOU" goes out to our dedicated GO! READ Ambassadors: JOE for Flying books to kids on the neighbor islands and to LOIS, KAREN, KAWIKA, SANDRA, ROSE, FRAN, ANN and AVA for making time every month to read with the children in our community!!!  

Celebrating Family Volunteer Day

All of KDWT HAWAII Ohana celebrated Family Volunteer Day by preparing holiday gifts for 30 programs throughout the State of Hawaii for over 1,000 kids. Thank you to James, Bell and Ms. Karen S. for donating a combined total of over 160 new stuffed animals for part of the gifts to kids for the holidays. Mahalo to all our Ohana (Ancheta, Andres, Bantolina, Cacatian, Fines, Ilar, Kaaiwela, Pachico, Peralta, Scharfenstein, Soriano, and Sullivan) for being part of this special day! 

Thank you to all our Ohana volunteers!!! You All Make A World Of Difference!

Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone!

KDWT Reads Around Oahu

KDWT Ambassador Catherine read to kids around the Island of Oahu during the month of August and early September.  She shared the importance of reading everyday and everywhere.  Below: Catherine read to kids on the east side of the island at Koko Head HS.  Just as the story was getting exciting, an alarm went off that cut story time.  No worries!  Catherine plans to return again, with another cool story to read with the kids.  GO! READ Koko Head

Catherine read to kids on the West side of Oahu, heading towards the North Shore, to Wailua and Kunia Head Start programs. The kids were very good listeners. GO! READ Wailua & Kunia

Catherine read to Mokapu El 2nd Graders and KMCB HS on the Windward side.  She read to kids Kaewai, Puuhale EL and KPT PACT kids in Kalihi.  While on the Leeward Coast, she read to Kaimiloa EL HS and Waipahu Community HS and Kaimiloa HS.  

With our GO! READ project, Catherine dedicated part of her summer to promoting literacy.  She helped to prep and organize book distributions.  She also read to over 500 kids since the beginning of the 2016.  She hopes to expand her reach and read to more kids on the other Hawaiian Islands and to kids in New York.  Great Job Catherine! GO! READ



On Monday, August 15th  Maui Economic Opportunity (MEO) program received books for their entire program (servicing Maui, Molokai and Lanai).  Maui kids were also treated to story time with Ms. Fran and Ms. Liz.   Just down the road, Lihikai School grades K, 1, and 2 also received books. 


Below:  On Monday, August 15th MEO Staff Lydia Jaoa picked up books from Ohana100 Volunteer pilot Mr. Joe who transported over 1,000 books to Molokai and Maui.  Thank you Joe for your time and service.  Also Thank You to Ms. Amaral for coordinating the pick up of books for both islands.  GO! READ MEO


On Thursday, August 18th Ohana100 volunteers gets 140 books to kids at Kauai Child & Family Service Program.  King Kaumualii Elementary was the first stop on the island . Ohana100 distributed over 640 books to the entire school.  Ms. Karen, Ms. Fran and Catherine read to 300 students in grades K, 1 and 2.  GO! READ Kaumualii 


Ohana100 continues to support the Mary Jane House (MJ House) and PACT- Big Island for the second year, visiting the programs on August 17.

MJ House does a lot for mothers and their young child.  Books and reading provides comfort for many of them.  GO! READ MJ House 

Big Island PACT provides support to children in Puna, Hilo, Keaau, Mt. View, Hawaiian Beaches, all over the island.  KPT staff helped to ship books over the them. Thank you KPT Staff and GO! READ Big Island PACT

Books For Kalakaua MS Kids

KDWT Ambassadors and GO! Read Senior Volunteers participated in GO! READ distributions throughout the state of Hawaii. The first Fall Giving started with Kalakaua MS.

On Wednesday, August 11th Kalakaua MS jump started the school year and rallied their kids to get excited about reading with their AR Program.  Mr. Hamilton ignited the room with the reading battle between grade levels.  For the 2nd year, Ohana100 provided free new books to help support their AR program.  

As part of our GO! READ Challenge students that showed improvement and excelled were recognized and awarded with two books each.  Keep up the great work! GO! READ Kalakaua MS

May Flowers, Spring Reading and Free Books

On Thursday, May 19th Ohana100 volunteers Mr. Kawika and Ms. Fran surprised children in the Koolau Coast of Oahu.  Kahuku EL grades K and 1st children were thrilled about taking home a book. GO! READ Kahuku EL

What a beautiful day!  Volunteers continued the giving of books at Hauula EL grades K, 1 and Head Start.  Kids waited patiently on the lawn to receive their books.  GO! READ Hauula

Since March, Ohana100 volunteers has read monthly to 280 children, from Jefferson HS, Kaewai EL K, 1 Classes & HS, Kaiulani HS, Kauluwela HS, Kipapa HS, Pauoa El K classes & HS and Salt Lake HS.  In May, every child at each program were able to go home with a book, just in time for summer break.  


Ohana100 would not be possible without the support of our volunteers.  Ohana100 volunteers were celebrated with special luncheon for their hard work in promoting literacy in Hawaii.  

On Tuesday, May 10th nearly 80 children in grades K, 1 and Head Start were read to and gifted free books from our dedicated volunteers Catherine, David and Sand.  GO! Read Kaewai

On Monday, May 9th KDWT Ambassador Catherine read to children at Salt Lake Head Start and to celebrate Teacher's Appreciation Day, she gifted Ms. Ver with books for her class library.   On Thursday, Ms. Lois read and gifted the entire class with their very own book.  GO! READ Salt Lake


Garage Sale To Benefit Kids In Need

On Saturday, April 9th KDWT West Oahu  did some spring cleaning and baked goods.  They coordinated a garage sale to raise funds for the purchase books for kids in need.

Celebrating National Reading Month

On Tuesday, March 1st volunteers jumpstarted the month with reading and distributing 300 books to children in grades K to 3 at Fern Elementary School.  They also visited Kaewai Elementary School to read to grades K and 1. Thank you to all our volunteers Ms. Lois and Ms. Sand, members from the University of Hawaii- Golden Key International Honor Society.  A special thanks to Miss East Oahu Celine "Tali" Silva for taking time out of her busy schedule to read ot children at Kaewai. GO! READ Fern & Kaewai

Below: Kipapa (3/2) and Salt Lake (3/8) Head Start children enjoyed a special storytime with Ms. Lois who read her favorite stories.  Children will get to hear more from Ms. Lois, who will stop by again in April and May.  GO! READ Kipapa and Salt Lake Head Start

Below:  Kauluwela (3/3) and Jefferson (3/8) Head Start Programs were treated with several stories from lead volunteer Ms. Anne along with Mr. David, Ms. Rose and Ms. Karen.  You could tell by the smiles on the kids faces that they loved their books.  GO! READ Kauluwela & Jefferson Head Start

Ohana100 volunteers ended the month of reading on Wednesday, March 30th to the children at Waipahu Elementary Head Start.  Ms. Lois and Ms. Rose read their favorite stories and the kids waited very patiently to receive their books. The kids were very happy:) GO! READ Waipahu


Getting A Head Start In 2016

On Thursday, January 7th Ohana100 drove out to Wahiawa and visited kids at Kaala Elementary School grades K, 1 and the Head Start program.  The children were excited to see the many books on the table and they were especially thrilled to get a book of their very own. GO! READ Kaala

Then it was off to Waialua and Kunia Head Start program.  KDWT Founder Catherine had all the kids attention as she read two wonderful stories.  The kids were so happy with the gift of books from Ohana100.  GO! READ Waialua & Kunia Head Start

The next day on Friday, January 8th Kaewai Elementary students, grades K, 1, 2, 3 and Head Start proudly sang their school cheer when Mr. Carter commanded their attention. They also gave Ohana100 a warm welcome and a Big Aloha.  There was alot of excitment as students opened up their very own book.  GO! READ Kaewai

The book giving continued on Monday, January 11th at Kaiulani Elementary students from grades K, 1, 2, 3 and Head Start.   The students presented thank you cards and posters showing their appreciation of books.  Volunteer Ms. Anne got the Head Start kids excited as she read them a couple stories.  Some of the students couldn't believe that the book was for them to keep. GO! READ Kaiulani

On Tuesday, January 12th Ohana100 visited August Ahrens Elementary School in Waipahu, the largest elementary school and Kindergarten class of 200 students in the State of Hawaii.  The children did not know what to expect until they saw all the books.   The smiles on the children faces said it all. GO! READ August Ahrens

And finally, wrapping up the month of giving, Ohana100 visited Ewa Beach Elementary Head Start program. Volunteer Ms. Lois had no problem getting the kids to listen to her story, especially this one fella who personally asked her to read Cat In The Hat.  GO! READ Ewa


Congratulations 2016 Book Mark Contest Overall Winner Lawai'a Baptista!!!  Lawai'a was one of 82 participants statewide who participated in this contest. Her art work will be used to help promote literacy at Ohana100 community events.  

Congratulations and great work to all who participated.  Keep on expressing your artistic talent!

Grades 4-5:  1st Place Lawai'a Baptista- Wahiawa EL, 2nd Place Andie Shimizu- Manana EL, 3rd Place Denise Elvis PeBenito- Kaimiloa EL and Honorable Mention Kaien Gasper- Waianae EL

Grades 2-3:  1st Place Laney Yang- Manana EL, 2nd Place Mariatea Harrison Nutter- Waianae EL, 3rd Place JP Jessy- Waianae EL and Honorable Mention Hailey Romero- Manana EL

Grades K-1:  1st Place Imani Roberson- Wahiawa EL, 2nd Place Charity Whitaker- Wahiawa EL, 3rd Place Colin Dunlop- Maili EL and Honorable Mention Vera Urra-Bazain-Maili EL

HAWAII: 2015 Highlights




Holiday Book Givings in Hawaii

The week of "Holiday Book Givings" started on Tuesday, December 15 on the Waianae Coast on the island of Oahu.   Friends of Ohana100 Patti Lyons of OOSJ Priory of Hawaii and Priory Secretary Iris Takata joined us on this day of giving.  Our first stop was to Honolulu Community Action Programs, Hale Wai Vista and then to Keiki Country.  The keiki's greeted us with lots of aloha. Thank you to staff for your continued support!  GO! READ Hale Wai Vista & Keiki Country

Then it was off to visit the Child & Family Service Healthy Start Program.  We were able to meet with some families in the Waianae Coast. Thanks to Ms. Amanda and Staff for the warm welcome and for coordinating this visit.  GO! READ Child & Family Service - Healthy Families Oahu

Our final stop of the day was Ma'ili Elementary School Kindergartners.  The kids were energized! Some couldn't  wait to turn the pages of their very own book.  You should have seen the smiles the faces of these kids!  Thanks to Ms. Tom for coordinating this visit with children.  GO! READ Ma'ili EL

There are many children that do not have to opportunities to engage with people or even their peers.  Ohana100 connects with those children by partnering with programs like HUGS and the Ronald McDonald House of Hawaii.   We visited these programs on Wednesday, December 16th. Thank you to Ohana100 intern Marie Yasui for making the connections. GO! READ HUGS & GO! Ronald McDonald House


On Thursday, December 17th, we wrapped up the week of book givings and visited the keiki's at Pearl Harbor Elementary School.  We met with 270 children from grades K thru 2.  Each of them were able to take home their own book. GO! READ Pearl Harbor EL



Free Books Traveled To The Big Island

Kids at the PACT Puueo and the Hilo Child Development sites on the Big Island knew something special was happening.  Each child was very "HAPPY" about having their own book.  Check out the smiles on the children face!  GO! READ PUUEO & HCDC


Lehua & Pearl City EL received books from Beta Chapter- HBDA

The Hawaii Ballroom Dance Association- Beta Chapter "Reading Program" chaired by Shirley Ota, was the recipient of the Ohana100 Community Service Award.  They extended their award of books to benefit Pearl City Highlands and Lehua Elementary Schools!  WAY TO GO!!!! Congratulations and GO! READ


Promoting Literacy in Ewa Schools

Kaimiloa Elementary School AND HEAD START

On Friday, September 11,  Kaimiloa Elementary School Kindergarteners and Head Start Program received free books from Ohana100.  Kaimiloa has weekly reading times for their kids and they were in the middle of it when we arrived.  The kids were on fire and were excited to read the new books that we brought for them.  Keep up the great work and GO! READ Kaimiloa




Students from grades K through 6 gathered in the school library to receive their free books from Ohana100.  Some of students remembered receiving a book from the last December visit. It was delightful to see some of them again and to know that they received a second book from Ohana100. Here's to many more to come!  GO! READ Pohakea


There was a lot to celebrate: Free books for the kids,  National Literacy Month and it was also Pa Akaka's 91st Birthday.  Kaimiloa EL, Pohakea EL and guests showered Pa Akaka with warm wishes, lei's and birthday cards.  This was certainly a day to remember! ! ! 

TEACH FOR AMERICA Hawaii https://www.facebook.com/TeachForAmericaHawaii



Pohakea Elementary School was the last stop for Ohana100, wrapping up five weeks of BOOK GIVING to children in Hawaii.  Ohana100's work supporting literacy in the Hawaiian Islands will certainly continue.  Stay tuned for updates and upcoming distributions.   Please encourage reading at home, in school, and wherever you may be! GO! READ


Waianae Coast Gets Their Free Books


On Thursday, September 10th, Ohana100 visited three programs on the Waianae Coast.  The first stop was Nanakuli I & II Head Start Program, Ohana100's first recipient of free books in the state of Hawaii back in December 2013.   GO! READ Nanakuli PACT EARLY HEAD START


Our second stop was to the PACT Early Head Start Program in Maile.  The young readers greeted us with excitment and all loved their new books!!! GO! READ PACT

GO! READ Ohana100 Shares the Joy of Literacy with Head Start Children




Our last stop of the day was to Waianae Elementary School where we met with the entire kindergarten class and the preschoolers.  Even after a good lunch, the children were still HUNGRY and EXCITED for their new books!  Friends of Ohana100, Jesus Puerto and Alberto Rojas, joined in giving of books!  GO! READ Waianae


PACT OAHU Gets Books For All Kids


On Wednesday, September 9 students at the PACT Kuhio Park Terrace Early Head Start classes had a special reading time with Ohana100. We provided books for the entire Oahu PACT program as well as the Hilo Development Centers and Puueo Cluster Head Start Centers on the Island of Hawaii. GO! READ PACT


Books Boost Literacy at Puuhale


On Wednesday, September 9th the entire Puuhale Elementary school gathered in the cafeteria for a special presentation. The students were very appreciative as Pa Akaka handed each and every student their very own book to take home.  Minnie Mouse showed up and distributed books to the kids. Special thanks to volunteers from the Teacher Academy at Farrington High School!!!  GO! READ Puuhale


GO! READ Continues to Travel to HCAP Head Start Programs


Ohana100 continues to make its rounds to HCAP Head Start programs.  This was the second time we visited this site. Two of the 16 students actually remembered us from last December, and they received a 2nd book from Ohana100.   GO! READ Dole 



Pauoa Gets A Jump Start To The Day With A Book


Pauao Elementary School students usually start off the day with a physical exercise before heading to class.  On Monday, September 8  the entire student body started the day with a FREE BOOK to share with their peers and to take home.  The students lined up and waited patiently to receive their books.  GO! READ Pauoa

See attached VIDEO of this Special Day!  http://digital.pauoa.k12.hi.us/wordpress/


Making A Difference! Making It Count! Making Things Happen!

GO! READ Awards & Celebrating National Literacy Month

On Monday, September 7th Ohana100 recognized recipients of the GO! READ project and to celebrate National Literacy Month.  Recipients and organizations who were awarded free new books for their children to take home were acknowledged at the event.  There were also two special awards given to service programs that promote literacy in their communities.

The event brought together people from a variety of backgrounds who were doing exciting things in support of literacy or interested in getting involved. In attendance were teachers, librarians, principals, administrators and a superintendent, community volunteers and philanthropists, rotarians, social workers, physicians and even a retired U.S. Senator

Thanks to all who helped make this evening one to remember, Ilar Creations (Chef Bryan & Charmaine), Ohana100 volunteers- Marie and Ruby, and of course everyone who attended.  The book distributions ("BOOK GIVING EVENTS) were held during the months of August and September.  GO! READ!!!


Books for Kids in the Central Valley of Oahu


On Friday, September 4th children Wahiawa Elementary grades  K and 1st graders and Head Start programs were so happy when they got their free new books!  The kids were all surprised. One child asked if he had to return the book. We reassured him and all the other children that the books were theirs to keep and to remember to write their names in it.  GO! READ Wahiawa



Book Givings continues at Palolo Elementary and Hawaii Literacy 


On Tuesday, September 1st, Ohana100 distributed books Palolo Elementary School. First, they met with the Head Start Program. The students were very anxious and excited to open their books.  Then, they met with the kindergarteners, first and second grade classes who gathered in the school cafeteria. The children held on tight to their book during a photo op.  KDWT Ambassador Catherine enjoyed handing out books and giving the kids high fives!  GO! READ Palolo                                                                   


Ohana100 distributed books to the Kuhio Park Terrace and Mayor Wrights Family Libraries on Wednesday, September 2nd.  Both communities house the Hawaii Literacy Initiative and offers a place for kids and families to visit and read books.  Kids at the KPT center were thrilled to take home their own brand new book. GO! READ Hawaii Literacy


Kids on the Windward side gets free books!


On Wednesday, September 2nd  Ohana100 visited He'eia Elementary School Kindergarteners and Head Start Program.  Books supported their literacy program.   GO! READ He'eia



Next, books were distributed to Mary Jane House that provides services to benefit mother's and their first child.   GO! READ Mary Jane House



On Thursday, September 3rd we visited Waimanalo Elementary School.  Ohana100 volunteers and KDWT Ambassador helped to display and distribute books.   They go sooo EXCITED when they saw the books!  The entire kindergarten, first and second grade classes and Head Start children held their books up for a photo op.  GO! READ Waimanalo


AUGUST 2015                   

Book Giving continues around the Island of Oahu


Ohana100 visited two programs on Monday, August 31st.   The first stop was to see the children at the Diamond Head Family Treatment Services Therapeutic Nursery and Pre School Program of Salvation Army of the Hawaiian Islands. KDWT Ambassador Catherine met with the youngest of all recipients (28 days old).  He received his very first book and will get a jumpstart at reading. GO! READ Salvation Army




Central Middle School was the next stop and Ohana100 met with Librarian Ms. Peel and her students. Books supported their reading program. KDWT AMbassador helped to set up books and 30 students were able to take home their own books on this day.  GO! READ Central


Manana, Aiea & Honowai Cheered "GO! READ"


Students at Manana Elementary cheered, "GO! READ!" on Wednesday, August 26th.  The entire student body filled the cafeteria to receive their books!   Volunteers from Beta Chapter- Hawaii Ballroom Dance Association helped to distribute books.  Thanks to Principal Loo and Staff for organizing the students together on such short notice! GO! READ Manana




On Thursday, August 27th  Aiea Elementary School kindergarteners and first graders along with Aiea I, II and III Head Start classes also gathered in the cafeteria.  KDWT Ambassador Catherine helped to set up the books.  There were some parents present for this day of giving and they were able to see the excitement of reading!  One student began his own cheer "GO! READ, GO! READ!" with his arms wrapped around his book, while walking back to his class.  GO! READ Aiea



The week ended with a book giving event at Honowai Elementary School.  On Friday, August 28th, Ohana100 visited the Head Start Program and every Kindergarten class to deliver books to them.  One of the classes presented us with a "THANK YOU Ohana100" poster! It was very special!  GO! READ Honowai


Books for the Ko'olau Coast

Kahuku Public School Library received over 250 books.  The library services the Ko'olau Coast and engages families and community members to get involved.  Amazing staff like Ms. Martinez makes things happen!  Books from Ohana100 will support their Keiki Story Time, After school program, Battle of the Books and other literacy activities. Keep up the great work and GO! READ Kahuku


Kalakaua MS Gets FREE BOOKS

Students at Kalakaua Middle School received 200 free new books from Ohana100 to Kick-Off their AR (Accelerated Reader) Stars Program at an assembly on August 11.  AR is an ongoing event, all year round.  Students who achieve their reading goals will receive a book of their own.  

The staff got all the students excited and eagerly awaited an opportunity to participate in the morning reading challenge. Winners of the challenge (several students in the 6th, 7th and 8th grades) were able to pick their very own book.  GOOD LUCK Students and GO! READ Kalakaua