The Marshall Islands children received over 1,000 new books. We were honored to meet up with Ambassador Zackios in Washington DC and Consul General Neijon Edwards in Honolulu. GO! READ RMI

The Marshall Islands is composed of coral islands, atolls and over 800 reefs in the Pacific Ocean that are located between Hawaii and Papua New Guinea. The largest population of Marshallese live in Hawaii and Arkansas.


Our final distribution was to Turod EL to Grades K, 1 and 2.  Turod EL is a special school located right in our hometown.  We read to each class.   The teachers each received a small frame as a token of our appreciation.  Each school we visited will plan to start a library so that Ohana100 can help in building it.  Each teacher also received a small frame.

Thank you to our Turod family for all your support and for being part of our Ohana100 Team.  GO! READ Turod EL


Next school we went was Bulanos EL. All children in Grades K, 1 and 2 received books.  Bulanos is considered the poorest barangay in Narvacan.  Its about 1/2 away from Turod. That school is situated adjacent to barangay Turod, so 2-3 mins ride only. Same experience, every kid was very excited and you could see to their faces how happy they were aunty.

It's so nice to be able to give to kids in this area.  We see the need and know how it important it is to make these connections in the community.   Thank you to our Ohana100 Team in Turod- Kevin, Kenneth, Aienne and all of our Ohana in Turod for making the trip up the mountain for Bulanos kids.  GO! READ Bulanos EL


At 8:30 am yesterday, we went to Banglayan EL to distribute books to children in Grades K, 1 and 2. Approximately 20 to 30 mins from the town center and can be travelled by riding either any vehicle but the challenge is the roads are too narrow that smaller vehicles are used. The place is mountainous that it has uphills and downhills. The school is located on top of a small mountain so you can just imagine how high the school is. Now the challenge for some students are that some starts to walk at 5am because their house is located on top of another mountain or located across the river that they have to cross such river everyday.

The kids were amazing. They behaved well during the distribution and they were so eager to look what is inside the books. In fact, when were going home some ran after us to give us hugs. They were very grateful. It is wonderful to see all the smiles of the kids at Banglayan EL.  We hope you enjoy reading!

Thank you to our Ohana100 Team for taking time out of your schedule to make sure that the Banglayan EL Kids get their books. Mabuhay! GO! READ Banglayan EL

Turod Celebrates Teachers and Ohana100

It was early Christmas for kids at Turod Elementary School on October 10, 2016.  It was a day to Celebrate Teachers and Ohana 100 Book Givings.  Students, faculty and parents gathered for this special celebration.  Turod is located in Narvacan, Ilocos Sur, Philippines.

There was a drawing contest and several students won prizes donated by Aunty Rexy and Aunty Ruth.  Thank you to Uncle Herming & Aunty Remy Fines and all other cousins who helped out at this event.

Many thanks to Kevin and Kenneth Fines who worked very hard with elementary school staff to coordinate this amazing day!   GO! READ Turod

Books For Costa Rica

Meaningful Acts of Kindness extended to kids in COSTA RICA,  "THANKS to volunteers Michael B., Matthew B. and Catherine S."  They participated in an Introduction to Medicine- 12 day Adventure in Costa Rica with the Broadreach Program.  They shadowed professionals at the FIMRC and provided support to the disadvantaged, especially the children.  At the end of their service, they gifted books to children at the clinic.  Great Job! GO! READ Costa Rica

Books For Murleando - Cuba

We made our first International donation of books to Muraleando, a Community Art Center after school program located in Havana, Cuba that services over 100 children.  The books are gifts for the children to take home and will help build their library.  Founder Manuel Diaz Baldrich expressed a deep appreciation of the gift for the children in his community.  Professor Yoan Hechevarria and student Barbara received the books on behalf of the entire program.  IR! LEER (GO! READ) Muraleando

KDWT Ambassador Catherine helped to distribute books and shared the joy of reading with her new friend Barbara.   Filled with excitement, Barbara said that Corduroy was her favorite book and she was very happy that the book was in both Spanish and English.

Books For Sierra Leone

"Books are heading to Sierra Leone in the next month," according to Andrew T. - Coordinator with Let them LOL.  He received books from KDWT Volunteer Catherine.  In addition to books, third graders from Westminster Charter School rallied to make book marks.  It was a fun and special activity for the kids to do.  GO! READ Sierra Leone