At 8:30 am yesterday, we went to Banglayan EL to distribute books to children in Grades K, 1 and 2. Approximately 20 to 30 mins from the town center and can be travelled by riding either any vehicle but the challenge is the roads are too narrow that smaller vehicles are used. The place is mountainous that it has uphills and downhills. The school is located on top of a small mountain so you can just imagine how high the school is. Now the challenge for some students are that some starts to walk at 5am because their house is located on top of another mountain or located across the river that they have to cross such river everyday.

The kids were amazing. They behaved well during the distribution and they were so eager to look what is inside the books. In fact, when were going home some ran after us to give us hugs. They were very grateful. It is wonderful to see all the smiles of the kids at Banglayan EL.  We hope you enjoy reading!

Thank you to our Ohana100 Team for taking time out of your schedule to make sure that the Banglayan EL Kids get their books. Mabuhay! GO! READ Banglayan EL