"I have volunteered for different groups/ organizations/ events.... but this is by far the best organization I've had the honor of working with."

I am currently the traffic reporter for Hawaii News Now Sunrise. Before Ohana 100,  I did read now and then to different schools. I have always loved reading and giving back to the community, so I felt that working with Ohana 100 and going into the schools and reading to students was a perfect match for me.  I am a huge Dr. Seuss fan so anytime I'm able to read one of those books I definitely take advantage of the opportunity.  

What I love most about being a volunteer with Ohana 100 is being able to get out in the community and help students. As a Hawaii girl born and raised, it makes me so happy to know that I'm able to go into our local schools and help our youth. I feel like every time I step into a classroom and read with the kids it creates a new memorable volunteer experience. I love seeing their faces light up when I start talking about a new book, or seeing them engage in my Q&A before and after a reading... most of all, I love seeing how ecstatic they are when they learn they're taking home a new book to add to their library at home. It truly is priceless knowing that within that hour of reading we're able to positively influence a child that will help them for the rest of their life. 

Lacy is one of our dedicated professionals, who finds time to give back to our community, after putting in a long days of work.   She's incredible!!!   Lacy read with children at Waianae Elementary, Lehua Elementary, Nimitz Elementary, Linapuni Head Start, HUGS and Fisher House.  Lacy was an advisor and speaker for Ohana100 Youth Summer Service Camp in July.  Kids planned, organized and implemented outreach activities.  She shared the importance of communication and provided them with helpful tips on public speaking.  Currently, Lacy reads with over 100 children every month, visiting Dole Head Start and Palolo Elementary Grades K and 1.