Prior to Ohana100, I volunteered my time reading to 1st and 2nd graders once a week through an organization called Reading Partners. Silly Doggy is one book that seems grab kids’ attention easily and amuses them quite a bit. Always nice to see their reaction to this story. 

My parents (of ethnic Kurdish descent from eastern Turkey) had a poverty-stricken upbringing that deprived them of basic necessities such as running water and electricity. They did not have the financial means to be able to get education past 5th grade. So we would not experience the hardships they lived through, they ensured that my siblings and I received a college education. This education would also work as our security and financial blanket for life. Hence the reason education/literacy cause is very close to my heart. 

My profession is Compensation within Human Resources.  In my spare time, I go hiking, running and exploring new places in Oahu. Recently, I have been reading interesting and inspiring autobiographies.  Currently, I am in between jobs (looking for professional opportunities in Oahu as I’d love to move here permanently) and have sufficient time to be able to dedicate reading to kids in the community. 

All the sessions are very special to me but the 1st time I ever read was at Ewa with Liz. Kids were very welcoming and affectionate, each one giving me a warm hug. Being able to engage the kids, especially getting participation from the quiet ones is always rewarding to me. 

Ohana100 has been blessed with visiting volunteers just like Bel, all year round.  She has read with over 500 children and worked with other volunteers during her stay in Hawaii.  Much Aloha and Thank You Bel for your service to Hawaii's children!!