I am Kevin Fines, 28 year-old head nurse of operating/delivery room of a hospital here in the Philippines. When I entered college to take up nursing, I was very fond of reading numerous books related to nursing field such as medical, pharmacology, anatomy and physiology and books pertaining to diseases. As far as I can remember, I like to read science related books when I was young especially biology and astronomy.  I have completed reading the Narnia series when I was in elementary.  

With my books in nursing and medicine, I love to make others aware about things related to health and explain to them in a language that they can understand.   Just last year, I was given the opportunity to be with an American medical mission group. The group was consisted of several filipino and other asian nurses, American EMT's and a doctor. This group conducted a 5 day medical mission here in the Philippines that provided free consultation, lab exam and free medicines. I can still vividly remember, numerous faces of hope and joy that someone from other country was there to provide them free medical assistance.

BANGLAYAN:  Yesterday was tiring but so fulfilling. One of the best days.  At 8:30 am yesterday, we went to Banglayan Elementary.  The school is approximately 20 to 30 minutes from the town center and can be travelled by riding either any vehicle but the challenge is the roads that are too narrow that smaller vehicles are used. The place is mountainous that it has uphills and downhills. The school is located on top of a small mountain, so you can just imagine how high the school is. Now the challenge for some students is to walk to school at 5am because their house is located on top of another mountain or located across the river that they have to cross such river everyday. 

The kids were amazing. They behaved well during the distribution and they were so eager to look what is inside the books. In fact, when were going home some ran after us then hugged us. They were very grateful. My mom and Kenneth accompanied me to that school. I was touched by how the kids reacted, they were really amazing. Thanks to Ohana 100!

A drawing was made by a kindergartner.  It was special how he wrote his name backwards.

Ohana 100 is tiring yet satisfying and fulfilling. Faces of hundreds of kids painted with smiles and excitement is priceless.

What I love most about Ohana 100 is on how I am able to inspire the kids by reading them books, relating and sharing my own story with them.

"Making A Difference, Making It Count and Making Things Happen!"


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