Holland Teens Commit To Literacy

Mahalo to our Ohana100 teen volunteers from Holland Middle School Joshua and Henry. Thank you for coordinating a campus book drive and for successfully collecting 150 books.

Joshua and Henry participate in many campus activities and they are also active members of the school‘s honor society. Mahalo to their school advisor Ms. Jennifer Suckow providing support to these teenagers and for also encouraging community service.

For their hard work and commitment to literacy, Ohana100 gifted free new books to all 8th graders at Holland Middle School. Congratulations and GO! READ

2018 Summer Camp

Ohana100 hosted its 2nd year of summer camp in Honolulu.  

2018 OUTCOME:  Eight youth volunteers visited 20 veterans, read with 230 children and successfully prepped and stamped 7,600 books.  It was a very productive and rewarding week of service.

2017 Summer Camp

Ohana100 hosted a Youth Summer Service Camp for teens.  During the week, they planned and organized activities as well serviced community programs, earning up to 30 hours.

DAY 1 - KDWT learned about Ohana100 and featured guest speaker Pa Akaka talked about the importance of service to our community and shared his experiences.  Ms. lacy helped out with the kids.  Teams and ideas were developed.

DAY 2- In preparation for community outreach, KDWT visited the State Library.  They searched for books to read and practiced reading the stories.  They also stopped by the State Capitol and had lunch on the lawn of Iolani Palace, learning a little history about important and historical places in Honolulu.  

DAY 3- Featured guest Speaker Ms. Karen who talked about how to make props for the stories they would read to the children.  Ms. Karen also helped with sewing.   The kids sewed 40 Aloha Pillows and stamped 1,000 books.  Later that afternoon, Ms. Lacy talked about public speaking, importance of communication and team work.  She gave the kids a glimpse of what its like to be a television reporter.

DAY 4- KDWT provided entertainment (sang, danced, played musical instruments and did a jiu jitsu demonstration) for 12 veterans at the Aging Center at Tripler.  They also read with and distributed books to 120 preschool children.  

DAY 5- KDWT read with women & children of the Salvation Army Nursery program.  They also read with the Diamond Head Preschool kids.  KDWT visited the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (known as Punchbowl).  There, they placed flowers on the graves of the Mattson Family as well, the graves of the unknown who lost their lives in Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941.

Day 6-  KDWT along with other Ohana100 volunteers, spent the last day of camp servicing families at Fisher House.  They shared their talents and played games with the children. They also gifted each child with a new book along with a Peace Pillow of their very own.  To celebrate the week of giving we had lunch with the families.  

2017 OUTCOME:  In 2017,  serviced 10 programs, sewed 40 Aloha Pillows to benefit Molokai kids, stamped 1,000 books, read with over 150 children and provided companionship to 15 senior veterans, in just one week. WAY TO GO!!!!

Thank you to Pa Akaka, Ms. Karen, Ms. Lacy,  Pop Mattson and Ms. Frenchie for support and helping out with our week long program.  Thank you to Watanabe Florist and Akaka/Mattson Family for donating flowers.

Congratulations to all KDWT Ambassadors for doing an Outstanding job in serving our community!!!!!!!! 

Ohana100 values the service of our dedicated volunteers!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU for believing in our mission!!!

Peace Pillows 4 Kids

In support for Human Rights, on Saturday Feb 25th KDWT volunteers sewed "Peace Pillows" that will be gifts for refugee children.  As you can see the kids really got into a rhythm in sewing, especially Michael and Cody.  Thank you to all the Aunties, especially Aunty Janice, Aunty Jocelyn for bringing their sewing machines. They were big help in getting the kids to participate and make these special pillow cases.  It was also a great time for our Ohana to bond. Great job everyone. See you all in our next sewing activity.


To kick off the new year, on Monday, January 9th KDWT Ambassador Catherine read with mothers and their infants/toddlers at the Salvation Army Women's Way Program.  After reading the stories, the each family were given a gift bag filled with books and a stuffed animal.  Thanks to Ms. Melody for coordinating the visit.  GO! READ Ewa EL

On Wednesday, January 11th Ambassadors Catherine and Anya (6th Graders) read one of their own favorite book and distributed books to over 60 kids  in Grades K and 1 at Ewa Elementary.  As you can tell from the photos that the kids listened closely to each story.  Great Job!  GO! READ Ewa EL

Joy To Newfane Kids

KDWT Ambassador Sydney and Hailey, along with other Ohana100 volunteers traveled to Newfane Elementary in Niagara County  to read with and deliver 187 books to grades K and 1.  The kids enjoyed this holiday visit especially their gift of aloha!  GO! READ Newfane EL

The holiday giving continued to Newfane Early Childhood Education Center in Burt, NY where volunteers read and delivered 88 gifts. GO! READ NECEC Kids

Warsaw Winter Reading

On Thursday, December 8th KDWT Ambassador Catherine and other volunteers traveled one hour southeast in rough winter weather to read with kids at the Warsaw Head Start program.   They also delivered 370 books for the entire Cattaraugus & Wyoming Counties Head Start program- servicing five centers in the WNY region.  In preparation for the event, the books were stamped, tied with a ribbon and loaded in the car.   Great job volunteers and GO! READ CATWY HS Kids

Springville Surprise

On December 3rd, Trading Post Community Care Center in Springville New York received gifts for their 100 kids, as part of their Annual Holiday Giving Tree event.  The Trading Post services the entire Springville community, providing clothing, food and supplies for all families in need, and so much more.  The center is always busy.  KDWT Ambassador Catherine helped to wrap gifts for all the kids. Thanks to Debbie and staff for your commitment to service and doing all that you do for the Springville community!  Happy Holidays!!!