Honoring Our Volunteers

Ohana100 honors KDWT AMBASSADORS for their service in the Western New York communities on June 14th.  Since 2013, KDWT has completed over 36 service projects, completed over 360 cumulative service hours, donated over 1,200 gently used books, distributed over 1,200 new books, donated shoes and socks abroad, provided support and companionship to Senior Citizens, jump-started a refugee center library, honored active military and veterans & SO MUCH MORE!!!  We are so proud of you!  AMAZING WORK KDWT Ambassadors!!!!!!! Continue to Make A Difference in the communities you serve!!!  

KDWT shares the joy of giving by supporting community organizations with gifts, celebrating national holidays and special events  like Flag Day, Mother’s or Father’s Day.

KDWT Ambassadors celebrated Flag Day and also adopted an active duty unit who is currently deployed overseas.  KDWT had a candy exchange during National Candy Month in June, where members shared their favorite candy and they also collected candies and shipped them to Unit 61239.  In June, KDWT ambassadors celebrated Father’s Day by preparing cards and special notes. They also made special key chains for dad!