KDWT Reads Around Oahu

KDWT Ambassador Catherine read to kids around the Island of Oahu during the month of August and early September.  She shared the importance of reading everyday and everywhere.  Below: Catherine read to kids on the east side of the island at Koko Head HS.  Just as the story was getting exciting, an alarm went off that cut story time.  No worries!  Catherine plans to return again, with another cool story to read with the kids.  GO! READ Koko Head

Catherine read to kids on the West side of Oahu, heading towards the North Shore, to Wailua and Kunia Head Start programs. The kids were very good listeners. GO! READ Wailua & Kunia

Catherine read to Mokapu El 2nd Graders and KMCB HS on the Windward side.  She read to kids Kaewai, Puuhale EL and KPT PACT kids in Kalihi.  While on the Leeward Coast, she read to Kaimiloa EL HS and Waipahu Community HS and Kaimiloa HS.  

With our GO! READ project, Catherine dedicated part of her summer to promoting literacy.  She helped to prep and organize book distributions.  She also read to over 500 kids since the beginning of the 2016.  She hopes to expand her reach and read to more kids on the other Hawaiian Islands and to kids in New York.  Great Job Catherine! GO! READ