Reaching out to communities and making a meaningful impact. 

“The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.

— Vince Lombardi

OHANA100 2018 Annual Report

BOOKS TO CHILDREN: Ohana100 donated over 35,000 new books to children.  Since 2015, Ohana100 has donated over 100,000 books to children in Hawaii, New York and Internationally.

VOLUNTEERS:  Ohana100's 115 diverse volunteers (62 HI and 47 NY, 6 INTL) joined the mission in promoting literacy in 2018.     

Reading Visits:  Volunteers coordinated 433 reading visits (358 HI and 75 NY).

Value of Volunteer Services:  In 2018, volunteers donated 2333.7 community service hours valuing at $59,346.00.  Mahalo to all our volunteers!

PARTNERSHIPS & COLLABORATIONS:   Ohana100 continues to build relationships with many organizations in the community, together making it possible for children to receive books and making it possible for all of us to reach our goals. 


Providing a special, unique and memorable experience that will motivate you to want to do more for children.