Ohana100 is reaching out to communities and making a meaningful impact. 

OHANA100 2017 Annual Report

BOOKS TO CHILDREN: Ohana100 donated 11,010 new books to children (7,141 HI and 3,669 NY).  The books were distributed to six islands in Hawaii, eight counties in WNY and two schools in the Philippines.  Since 2015, Ohana100 has donated over 71,000 books to children in Hawaii and New York.

VOLUNTEERS:  Ohana100's 113 diverse volunteer population (professionals, students and seniors citizens) range from ages 11 to 93 years.   Volunteers (63 HI, 44 NY and 6 Internationally) joined the mission in providing literacy in 2017.     

ACTIVE Volunteer Readers:  Ohana100 provides these active volunteers (27 HI and 10 NY) a flexible schedule, opportunities to read with children and many more.  Volunteers read with children at 68 sites in Hawaii and 15 sites in New York.  Volunteers also participated in annual festivals. 

Value of Volunteer Services:  In 2017 Ohana100 volunteers donated 2552.5 community service hours valuing at $62,477.60.  Volunteers in Hawaii contributed 1817.5 hours and   New York contributed 685 hours.

PARTNERSHIPS & COLLABORATIONS:   Ohana100 continues to build relationships with many organizations in the community, together making it possible for us all to reach our goals. 


Ohana100 provides a special, unique and memorable experience that

will motivate you to want to do more for children.