Congratulations 2016 Book Mark Contest Overall Winner Lawai'a Baptista!!!  Lawai'a was one of 82 participants statewide who participated in this contest. Her art work will be used to help promote literacy at Ohana100 community events.  

Congratulations and great work to all who participated.  Keep on expressing your artistic talent!

Grades 4-5:  1st Place Lawai'a Baptista- Wahiawa EL, 2nd Place Andie Shimizu- Manana EL, 3rd Place Denise Elvis PeBenito- Kaimiloa EL and Honorable Mention Kaien Gasper- Waianae EL

Grades 2-3:  1st Place Laney Yang- Manana EL, 2nd Place Mariatea Harrison Nutter- Waianae EL, 3rd Place JP Jessy- Waianae EL and Honorable Mention Hailey Romero- Manana EL

Grades K-1:  1st Place Imani Roberson- Wahiawa EL, 2nd Place Charity Whitaker- Wahiawa EL, 3rd Place Colin Dunlop- Maili EL and Honorable Mention Vera Urra-Bazain-Maili EL